Refund and Cancelation Policy

FarePlatter charges a processing fee for all permitted customer cancelations. Because of this, only a portion of the service fees and airline tickets is refundable.

Customers may cancel tickets over the phone. However, to be eligible to cancel a ticket booked through FarePlatter, you must meet particular criteria. The tickets booked under the “no show” category are not subject to the refund policy from suppliers. We only accept refund requests from customers who first request ticket cancelation through FarePlatter, not through the airline(s).Tickets are entitled for a refund if and only if the airlines’ policy allows us to grant a refund.

We protect the waivers from the airlines to process the request for cancelation as well as the refund.

FarePlatter manages to execute the refund requests of customers in a well-organized way, but FarePlatter cannot provide the exact date or accurate time for flight ticket refunds. To initiate the refund process, customers are requested to forward notice to their customer service agent. Within a short span of time, our team will respond to your mail to confirm the refund request. This reply is merely an acknowledgment of your refund request. Keep in mind that you are not directly qualified for compensation.

After receiving the request from the customer, we begin the refund process. Our next step is to approach the concerned airline to get the waived amount as per the airline’s policy, since we entirely depend on the airlines to obtain refunded money. At the same time, we let you know about the estimation of the airlines. If everything goes well, then the funds are transferred into your account after the approval of the refund by the airlines.